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Ruler for141mm+140mm 5d diamond painting (3pcs)

Ruler for141mm+140mm 5d diamond painting (3pcs)

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Diamond Painting Square Mesh Ruler for Square Drills & Diamond Painting Net Ruler

There are 2kinds of ruler(140mm or 141mm)

Bullet Point:

Square Drills Size:400 holes
Size: 15cm
Material: Stainless steel
Function: The surface of the net ruler is not sticky, so it is easy to take the net ruler after the paste is finished.
Made of stainless steel material, high quality, durable to use.
The mesh fits the canvas symbol accurately, keeping the diamonds in a straight line and making every diamond in nice alignment, easy to use and easy to clean, perfect for both diamond painting beginners and amateur.
High-precision machining, precise size, smooth and burr-free. Suitable for diamond painting use.

Note: Due to the different sizes of the diamond painting canvas grid, there will be a 0.5mm dimensional error, which needs to be measured accurately before purchase

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