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18X23CM Alpaca with frame 5D Kids Diamond Painting

18X23CM Alpaca with frame 5D Kids Diamond Painting

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Kid DIY Diamond Painting With Frame
This DIY diamond painting full drill is designed for children.
This is a DIY diamond painting, not a finished picture, need you to finish it by yourself. Colorful Sparkling designs made easy for the younger child and diamond painting beginners.

Package Included:

1 x Diamond Painting (with rhinestones need to be pasted)
1 x Rhinestone-pasting tool (With the painting frame)


The drill step
1. Open the product suite, according to color lined up diamonds, and organize all the tools.
2. When you start, only need to lift a small part of the release paper, in order to avoid other regional sticky dust affect the
3. Paste the diamond into the corresponding grid (according to the serial number).
4. The diamond after Paste being completed, which makes the diamond bonding surface more solid .after this step, your work is done!

1. All the accessories are included
2. Scope of application: home/hotel/office decoration and gifts
3. Diamond Type: Resin Round Rubik's Cube Diamond
4. Regarding the number of diamonds: 30% more diamonds
5. Diamond diameter: 2.8mm
6. Products include: high quality oil canvas tool bag resin diamond bag
7. Tip: The larger the size of the product picture, the better the final visual effect.
8. Note: This is a DIY diamond painting, not a complete picture, you need to complete it yourself.

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